Sogorea Te, Sogorea Te

Saturday June 16 was a day to remember.  WeSome of the Sogorea Te Family                    remembered the ancestors and we made sure that those who had a hand (or more like iron fist) in desecrating this sacred site knew that we were still around and still watching.  Funny isn’t it that the tribes that aided and abetted in this desecration did not show their faces at either ceremony?


Where were you CORTINA?  Where were you YOCHA DEHE? owners and ne’er do wells of CACHE CREEK CASINO.  Those you chose to monitor this site, when asked why you didn’t stop the bulldozers stated “what do you think we are, crazy?”  Anyone of us who stood our ground at Sogorea Te/Glen Cove would have done precisely that because when we said we were there to defend the site we meant it.  We were not paying simple lip service to the ancestors, we were standing up for the ANCESTORS and would have continued to do so no matter the price.  You (YOCHA DEHE and CORTINA) signed an agreement with the government officials of VALLEJO and the GVRD and then turned your back and allowed the desecration to be completed.  It is not that surprising that these government entities would break their word, none of us find this surprising at all.  What is depressing is that another tribe, regardless of land base, would backstab other indigenous peoples. We are of the opinion that this was only done to get a foothold in Solano County.  The lies that were told and acted upon are now a matter between you and the Creator. As my dear friend Corrina stated (not an exact quote mind you) “Yocha Dehe threw us under the bus, ran us over, then backed up and ran us over again.” The community of people who came to Sogorea Te became a family at the sacred fire and our love for each other and dedication to what we stood for is a continued blessing to us all.  This group of people will forever be a part of one another and this sacred place.  This site will forever be , despite the desecration and we intend to meet there annually as a reminder of we did here and what we all became here – RELATIVES.  I am so blessed to have this incredible circle that will remain with me forever, wherever I may be.


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