Natives lead the fight against Keystone XL

The Lakota Law Project Report

140422-keystone-xl-protest-dc-01_053a6fd7583c0cade2accbb3f244ae0e AP

Since its proposal in 2008, Native Americans have been at the forefront of the push against TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline. These indigenous voices are vital to the XL discussion as the proposed 1,179 mile path would directly effect their communities, altering the environmental and economic state of many reservations and Native communities.

Native protesters have been present for every development, steadfast in their demand for justice. Despite the bill’s Congressional passage on Thursday, the momentum Natives have built is something the Lakota People’s Law Project fully supports.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would link Canada’s tar sands (pictured below) to Nebraska, where it would branch off to preexisting oil lines that lead to Gulf Coast refineries. Supporters stand by the assertion that this $8 billion project would provide a multitude of jobs and increase energy security by solidifying ties to our affable neighbor, Canada.

Unfortunately, any job opportunity would be temporary as the pipeline will, of course, be fully constructed…

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